Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Author and Journalist

Welcome to my website, where I detail all of my accomplishments and none of my failings. To get a sense of the latter, you can read my forthcoming book, Life Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife, which will be published by Riverhead Books in March 2016. The book sprung from my own midlife crisis (or so I thought), and chronicles my deep and often inelegant dive into the research to discover how to thrive at midlife. My previous book, Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality, was also borne of a crisis – this one, a semi-spiritual crisis. Fingerprints, which Riverhead published in 2009, was my attempt to answer the questions: Is there more than this? – and, even more ambitiously: Is there any evidence of God?

 Aside from these forays into book writing, most of my career has been spent in journalism: nearly 20 years at National Public Radio, and before that, more than a decade at The Christian Science Monitor. 

I hope you take a moment to browse. There is a longer biography, and descriptions of my books, including some talks and the NPR series I put together on the science of spirituality, pegged to Fingerprints of God. There will also be an NPR series on the science of thriving at midlife, which will air close to the publication date of Life Reimagined. The Deep Dive page highlights a few of my favorite topics not strictly related to my books, such as an NPR series on the criminal brain, and some interviews I conducted as a guest host of the radio program, Interfaith Voices – including ABC’s Dan Harris’s forays into meditation, and soon to come, New York Times’ David Brooks’ road to character. 

New York Times best selling author of Fingerprints of God

... a well-narrated book of authoritative voices and personal reflections, eminently readable, on a subject that attracts its share of woo-woo authors
— Publishers Weekly
Thank you Barbary Bradley Hagerty for such a wonderful book!
— The Examiner